Zhong Xin Dao / I Liq Chuan – Why I do practise the Family System of GM Sam Chin

After my SiFu of WingTsun, GM Prof.Dr.Kernspecht spent years researching in the inner arts of Asia, principles, concepts, and philosophies in detail,  he introduced us to his mentor and friend: GM Sam F. Chin-the line holder of I Liq Chuan, the martial art of mindfulness, and founder of Zhong Xin Dao.

The unique art of I Liq Chuan was developed by his father: GM Chin Lik Keong. GM Chin Lik Keong’s teaching became known as the “Art of Masters” because of his ability to lead experienced martial artists to higher levels of their abilities through his touch.

To demonstrate his skills, he taught you how to use your opponent’s energy or strength instead of training a technique. Over the years of training and looking at his skills, GM Chin Lik Keong realized the basics of the natural movement of the human body.

Quote GM Chin Lik Keong

“Don’t look at the movement.
Pay attention to the idea behind the movement.”

Grand Master Chin Lik Keong

After his death, his eldest son, GM Sam F. Chin became his successor. Born into a traditional Chinese-Malaysian martial arts family, GM Sam Chin has dedicated his life to the preservation of the complete translation of “martial arts of mindfulness”.

Since I have followed the path of martial arts since childhood and was strongly influenced by movement pattern, the meeting with GM Sam F. Chin was a profound experience that gave me indescribably great luck. Without hesitation, I started training at Zhong Xin Dao to intensively learn the deep unbelievable knowledge of my Sigung’s GM Sam F. Chin.

I was able to dive into an unbelievably new world and experience a deep knowledge of the fundamental basis of Chan/Zen and general movement theory. The practitioner develops an intensive body feeling, how his own inner strength is used efficiently in connection with mindfulness, the biomechanical muscular body structure of the Ying/Yang system and when generally learned fighting techniques no longer work.

Based on the learning columns of the philosophy of Zen and Tao: principles, concepts, comprehensive theory, and common exercises; true insights into the secrets of the great Kung Fu masters are given, which are otherwise only passed on to the closest students.

Quote GM Sam F. Chin:

“I Liq Chuan is an art of self-perception based on Tai Chi and Zen philosophy. It is the art of recognizing nature as it is. Therefore we need to know how to approach the learning of I Liq Chuan, based on philosophy, concepts, and principles. Learning does not mean collecting and imitating specific techniques. It means understanding the principles of movement, guided by concepts and always returning to philosophy. (…) Since the terminology used in I Liq Chuan may have a different meaning than commonly used, the student should approach art without judgment and with an open mind.”

First lineage holder of I Liq Chuan/founder of Zhong Xin Dao
-San F. S Chin

I thank my Sigung, GM Sam F. Chin and his family for giving me the opportunity to learn this unique art. A very heartfelt thanks to my mentor and SiFu of WingTsun, Prof. Dr.K.R.Kernsprecht, for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

Where this fascinating journey will take me I cannot say, but it is unique and indescribable…