Christian Büttner

Christian Büttner

My Way – Past, Present and the Future

Before I start, I would like to express a heartfelt thank you to all my Deshis, Koheis, Senpais and Senseis. They fill our Dojo, in the northern corner of Bavaria near the Czech border, with a wonderful life.

Although I’ve had the idea to open a small Dojo for a long time, I didn’t know that it would turn out the way it did. Everything works because of the students and the teachers and for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I often smile, thinking of the small village of Alberto Aderzo and René Goscinny.

Well, what should I write about myself? I’ll try to make it short. Since 1978, I’ve been practicing martial arts non-stop.

It all started with a little fight over a snatched sausage during a birthday party. And the next day, as fate would have it, my mother enrolled me in a self-defense course

So my path began with a children’s course of a German interpretation of Aikido (DAB=German Aikido Association). This was followed in 1981 by European Judo and Ju-Jutsu in the German Judo Association (DJB). I always trained hard. And it was especially thanks to my father that I “stayed on the tatami (mat)”, because no matter how many ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’, I was always driven to Friday practice, whether I wanted to or not.

The training in judo was characterized by blue shins, the classic sweatbox, chokeholds on the ground, and of course the occasional ringworm. Actually, I began to like Ju-Jutsu more and more because, at the time, it contributed to my feeling of self-defense.

I was never really a good competitor/Judoka. I always pushed myself to compete in team competitions, although I did win third place in the Upper Franconian Championships in 1983. I think that was a real stroke of luck.

However, in general, I was always very interested in the inner art of Asian culture, but in our region, only Japanese martial arts could be found. After attending a Budo performance on traditional Aikido (the Takemusu Aiki), in 1987, I started to practice the Aiki path again, turning my back on Judo / JuJutsu.

To tell or write everything I have experienced from then on, I would have to write a novel. On my martial arts path, I followed many drastic, wonderful and deeply formative experiences. Countless seminars and a stay in Japan (1995) at the mother school of the Aiki (Iwama/Japan) will remain in my memory forever. But, it was not only beautiful moments that influenced my path. Increasing politics in the world of Aiki, often made me think deeply.

Due to the always very intensive study of martial arts literature, in 1995 I came across the fascinating inner art of the Chinese WingTsun Kuen. As fate would have it, a few days later I discovered a flyer in the University’s cafeteria. So in 1995, I started this art in a WingTsun school in Regensburg. In November 1997 I joined the EWTO (European WingTsun Organisation). From then on, this fascinating inner art never let go of me. The inner way of art opened me in a new, wonderful way.

The path of martial arts demanded and demanded… Private life, possible changes, etc. were always put on the sidelines when it came to martial arts. But I also got so much back. Some special honours during my career have left me speechless and will remain a lasting influence in my heart.

Many times I am asked by students, who have chosen the path of martial arts, what to generally pay attention to. Respect, loyalty, honesty, friendship, selflessness, and hard work (Japanese Wanginku = work, Chinese Gong Fu/ Kung Fu = hard work), was and for me personally, still are, the well-founded traits of a martial artist.

Additional Personal Experience Values:

  • Just simply enjoy what you do. Be kind, remain humble and don’t become arrogant. Even if your teacher is strict with you, be loyal, content and exercise restraint.
  • Keep fit physically and mentally as much as possible, take care of your body, you only have one. Give yourself a break once in a while.
  • It is not absolutely necessary to go to training/ Keiko seven times a week, but it is important to stay on track. Keep consistency. The only thing that matters: your will to continuing learning and practicing.
  • Always go back to the beginning and start over. Remember, it is not graduation that matters, it is the practice.
  • Think about what you are practicing, and analyze it intensely. Think about it while walking, sitting alone in a cafe, on the park bench, etc.
  • If you think that you can do something, then you have stopped learning.
  • If you are ever truly forced to draw your sword in life, draw it with a big heart, deep courage, irrepressible will, and burning passion!

After these long years of martial arts, I now see everything under the great inner path of Do (Japanese), Dao/Tao (Chinese). Today I definitely train differently than I used to. My body has clearly paid its toll.

(Note: We trained our Kihon (basic techniques) to the limit and to our edges, with hard, uninterrupted school in the fall, Suwari Waza – ground techniques and much more.) Take my note to heart…

In 2017, my SiFu Professor, Dr. Kernspecht, gave me the privilege to start with a new inner art. This new inner art has touched me so deeply and has greatly influenced me. It has made me think about the family system of I Liq Chuan, today’s Zhong Xin Dao, the Chin family around the current lineage holder GM Sam F. Chin—a wonderful person, a unique martial artist, and in my eyes, a Chan/Zen monk. I don’t know where this journey will take me, but it is unique…

In conclusion, I have a clear need as well as a deep commitment to my teachers from past, present, and future that cannot be described in words. What is a student without a teacher, the person who accompanies, shapes, builds, ect.?

On the Path of the AIKI:

  • My first Takemusu Aikido teacher, Mr. Edmund Kern Sensei, (R.I.P/8th Dan Hachi-Dan Aikido/Kokusai Budoin Renmai-IMAF).
  • Morihiro Saito Sensei (9th Dan Aikido/Aikikai): In 1946 he began to train under his teacher: O-Sensei Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido, until his death in 1969. It was a great honor to learn from him at the birthplace of the Aiki in Iwama/Japan and to attend seminars in Europe. Saito Sensei died in 2002, Domo arigato goshaimashita, Sensei!
  • My Sensei, mentor, and dear friend: Dr. Paolo Corallini Shihan, (7th Dan/Aikido/Aikikai-Takemusu Aikido) who has been teaching and supporting me for over 24 years in the spirit of Aiki. Ishin Denhsin, Sensei! Domo arigato goshaimashita!
  • Looking back, I can humbly say that for almost 30 years now, I have had the unique honor to train among well known names of Takemusu Aiki: Mme Patricia Guerri Sensei (8th Dan/Takemusu Aiki Bukkikai/France), Daniel Toutain Sensei (6th Dan Aikikai/France), Ulf Evenas Shihan (7th Dan Aikikai), Bill Witt Shihan (8th Dan Aikido), Pat Hendricks Sensei (7th Dan Aikikai).

On the Path of the WingTsun (EWTO)/Zhong Xin Dao (Family Chin):

  • My absolutely unique and wonderful SIFu: GM Prof. Dr. K. R. Kernspecht (10th Degree MOC) who accepted me as a private student. He teaches, educates and personally promotes the art of WingTsun.
  • This heartfelt thank you is also directly from the heart: GM Thomas Schrön (9th Degree MOA), GM. Oliver König (9th Degree MOA), GM Guiseppe Schembri (9th Degree MOA) and DaiSifu Andreas Gross (8. MG) as well as my Sihing Sifu Michael Stopp, where I started my WingTsun training.
  • Not to mention all the other masters, teachers, and students of the EWTO, who I personally know and appreciate very much. It always brings great joy when we meet and I have the opportunity to learn from you.
  • My Sigung GM Sam Chin, such a wonderful, loving person, as well as his son, Hsin Chin, for teaching the unique family system of the Chin family – the Zhong Xin Dao.
  • Today, I still practice with great joy, full energy, and as much intense passion as my free time allows. I was able to discover and experience all aspects of people and humanity within the arts. And luckily, I am still able to learn in both inner styles…



  • Beginning of Aikido in the Stiftland Aikido Tirschenreuth with an exam for the 5 Kyu in the German Aikido Federation under Fritz Kottmayer Sensei.


  • Judo/Ju-Jutsu (1 Kyu) in the DJB, Judo Club Marktredwitz under Karl Heinz Zehn Sensei (R.I.P/ 2nd Dan-Nidan Judo), Exam 1 Kyu (Braungurt/Judo and Ju-Jutsu) in the DJB.
  • 1983: Third Place in up to 54 kilos class at the Upper Franconian Judo Championship in D-95615 Marktredwitz.


  • Return to Aiki-Do in Aikido, beginning of the traditional AIKI-DO (Takemusu Aiki), intensive training under Edmund Kern Sensei (R.I.P/8th Dan/Hachi-Dan, Kyoshi, Kokusai Budoin Renmai) with numerous seminar visits of various traditional Aiki-Senseis.
  • 1994: Homeschooled by Patricia Guerri Sensei (8th Dan Takemusu Aiki Bukkikai) in France.


  • Two months training in Japan in the original Dojo/Iwama with Uchi Deshi Certificate (Homeschool-Diploma), numerous other seminar visits on the way of the traditional Aiki under Dr. Paolo N. Corallini Shihan, (7th Dan/Aikido/Aikikikai-Takemusu Aikido), Daniel Toutain Sensei (6 Dan Aikiai/France), Ulf Eveans Shihan (7 Dan Aikikai), Bill Witt Shihan (8 Dan Aikido), Pat Hendricks Sensei (7 Dan Aikikai)


  • Exam to Shodan in traditional Aikido under Mr. Edmund Kern Sensei, (R.I.P/8 Dan/Aikido/IMAF), youngest DAN carrier in traditional Aiki in Germany.
  • Home student of Patricia Guerri Sensei (8th Dan Takemusu Aiki Bukkikai) in France, received a Uchi-Deshi Certificate (Homeschool Diploma) as the first house student in the Doji Central Asahi, Paris-Centre.


  • Exam to Nidan, in traditional Aikido, under Mr. Edmund Kern Sensei, (R.I.P/8 Dan/Aikido/IMAF) and appointed as the Aiki-Sensei of the Japanese Imperial House by the Kokusai Bodoin Renmai-Japan, under the former President Tokugawa, a descendant of Shogunat’s.


  • Strong collaboration with Dr. Paolo N. Shihan and entry into the World Association AIKIKAI.
  • Took the exams Sandan (3rd) – Youdan (4th) under Dr. Paolo N. Corallini Shihan, and many more seminars on the way of the traditional Aiki under Hiroshi Isoyama Shihan (Aikikai/Hachidan/Tokyo), Dr. Paolo N. Corallini Shihan, (7 Dan/Aikido/Aikikai-Takemusu Aikido), Daniel Toutain Sensei (6 Dan Aikikai/France), Ulf Evenas Shihan (7 Dan Aikikai/ Sweden), Bill Witt Shihan (8 Dan Aikido/America), Stephanie B. Yap Sensei (7 Dan Aikikai/America), Pat Hendricks Sensei (7 Dan Aikikai/America).
  • 2005: Opening of traditional Dojos in northern Bavaria, D-95615 Marktredwitz with friends and companions.


  • Appointed as GODAN, (5th Dan) of the world association AIKIKAI, by my sensei Dr. Paolo N. Corallini Shihan


  • 30th anniversary of AIKI-DO

SHORT VITA WING TSUN (EWTO-European WingTsun Organisation)


  • Start of WingTsun studies at a Regensburg WT school


  • Joined the EWTO (European WingTsun Organisation)/schools upper Franconia – direct student (Todai) of Prof. Kernsprecht, the founder and director of the EWTO.


  • Trainer
  • Trainer 1-4 certificates
  • Technician/Teacher Degree/HG 1-3
  • Continuous seminar visits/advanced training within the EWTO under GM Thomas Schrön, GM Oliver König and GM Giuseppe Schembri as well as consistent private lessons with my SiFu


  • Passed the fourth teaching degree under my SiFU,
  • 21 years active WingTsun


  • 20 years as a member of the EWTO/Appointed Sifu of WingTsun at the international training course in Hockenheim by my SiFu
  • First personal contact with GM Sam Chin (Zhong Xin Dao), beginning of intensive training at Zhong Xin Dao


  • Several Seminars with my SiFu Prof. Dr.Kernspecht of iWT, Preparing step by step for my 5 Master Degree Level and Test in WingTsun Kuen ( EWTO )
  • Intensive Learning of Zhong Xin Dao / I Liq Chuan under the guidance of my Sigung GM Sam F.S.Chin and his students, Seminars in Kassel, Kiel, Frankfurt, Wiesenbach and Norderstedt, preparing for Groupleadership Student Level One in Zhong Xin Dao.


  • Successful Test for Groupleader in Zhong Xin Dao under my Sigung GM Sam F.S.Chin on the 17.03.2019, Student Level One on Basis Exercises

Graduation and Awards in Aiki-Do

  • 5 Dan Aikikai (World Federation/Tokyo-Japan), Sensei of Aikido
  • 2 Dan Aikido Kokusai Budoin Renmai (Foundation of the Japanese Imperial Family)
  • Uchi Deshi Certificate Iwama Founder’s Dojo Japan
  • Uchi Deshi Certificate of Takemusu Aiki by Bukikai France (Patricia Guerri Sensei)

Graduation in WingTsun (EWTO) / Zhong Xin Dao

  • Fourth teaching degree (4 HG)
  • Highest teacher level (Trainer 4 Certificate)
  • Leadership 1
  • Sifu of WingTsun (EWTO)
  • Groupleader in Zhong Xin Dao / Student Level One

Graduation in other arts

  • 2 Dan Kyokushinkai Allround Karate (Kaicho Jon Bluming)
  • 1 Kyu (brown belt) Judo 1986 German Federation
  • 1 Kyu (brown belt) Ju-Jutsu 1986 German Federation